Carnival Time

The thought occurred to me that only in New Orleans on a Friday morning would your boss e-mail all of his employees to say that later that evening he would be dressed in gold and a mask while parading the streets on horseback without fazing anyone.


The big questions on everyone’s mind are where they are getting their next king cake, what time the parades start and, in my case, “what to bring to the party?” We used to always have Popeyes chicken on parade days. Since I moved out of the parade areas into the suburbs I haven’t been going to as many as I used to. 😦 This is a time of year when if you aren’t friends with people living on the parade routes, you make friends with them.

Mardi Gras this year is timed to nearly collide with Chinese New Year. We will be celebrating right on the new year! Conveniently, I have a date with this dragon on Monday.