Today I have nothing funny to say. It has been a month of emotional torture to witness these crimes from the increasingly uneasy position of distant safety and to weep with incredibly painful realization of what real suffering lies there among the dead to follow the survivors until the end of their days. Ever since Aurora, we look at the exits in theaters pensively before the show and evaluate each fellow ticket holder with that same eye of suspicion. Anxiety looks at our neighbor and turns to us asking, “Is this person what they appear to be? Are we safe here?” It is a creeping and uncomfortable dread that keeps us up at night more and more. We are haunted.

Of Tornadoes and Tyrranosaurs

After all the local storms yesterday, I turned on the news this morning to see the reporter advising that the National Weather Service would be at the sight of the completely demolished trailer park to determine whether a tornado was responsible. I was relieved to know that they would be on the scene quickly to assess the situation and rule out an attack by a roving Tyrannosaurus.