A Gleam is a Wish Uranium Makes


This beautiful vintage emerald green glass candy dish was gifted to me only a few months ago. It was obtained at an estate sale some time ago. It is very beautiful as it is. However, it turns out to be the kind of candy dish that one might only gift to one’s enemies. I read recently that in the past it was popular in manufacturing to use radioactive materials. According to this internet information, uranium was used often to color glass. Certain kinds of ceramics contain radioactive glazes and clocks often had radium dials. I knew about the clocks, but not the glass. And this particular glass piece does not have the highlighter green or yellow of the popular and very collectible “vaseline glass,” which would not shock anyone if you told them it was radioactive. However, I began to give this piece the suspicious eye. Occasionally, I’d think to myself that there was a certain green gleam about it that was unique. So, as I was getting a jeweler’s eye anyway, I got one that had the UV light, which in the dark will reveal a glass containing uranium for what it really is. And lo:

I’m not going to lie. The sight of this gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I hoped this feeling was not caused by any kind of particles emitted from said candy dish. And so, now I too may be in love with the glowing glass of a bygone era. One easily obtainable, if you are interested, from goodwill, thrift stores and ebay. Search uranium glass or vaseline glass and you will see the difference in color from this one to the more popular version. If I had a curio cabinet, I would already have more. However, for the time being I am just working on thinking of cool things to put inside of it to make it work as an existing decoration. As you can see, I’m ready for Halloween.