May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


You never know in life when chance will be in your favor or against you. Sometimes it is fun to stack the deck and see how that plays out. I recently played a tremendous joke on a group of people by stuffing several extra plastic babies into a New Orleans king cake, which normally contains only one.

For those of you who do not know king cake is a New Orleans delicacy sold and served between King’s Day (Jan. 6) and Mardi Gras. These treats are normally sweet breads, sometimes plain brioche, sometimes cinnamon, covered in colored sugar. More modern variations are stuffed with fruit or cream cheese, like a danish. But there is a little bit of trick ‘o’ treat involved.

Tradition holds that the one who gets the baby, brings the next king cake. So, although everyone wants to eat the cake, not everyone is so eager to get baby and be responsible for buying another cake. This results “abandoned baby” syndrome, where sneak-thieves leave babies unattended at the site of the cake, hoping to remain unidentified and free of responsibility.

Mysteriously, when all (this cake) was said and done, very few new parents came forward…