Night of the Living Terd

So, the other night in the “wee” hours of the morning, I heard the cat digging to China in the cat box. This continued for some time. I finally acknowledged defeat and agreed to get up from the bed to clean it. I reached the cat box, barely awake with the scooper in hand. Suddenly, I thought, “did that terd just move?” Sure enough, a COCKROACH was actually frolicking in the box. This was no nightmare. It was the night of the living terd.

A Gleam is a Wish Uranium Makes


This beautiful vintage emerald green glass candy dish was gifted to me only a few months ago. It was obtained at an estate sale some time ago. It is very beautiful as it is. However, it turns out to be the kind of candy dish that one might only gift to one’s enemies. I read recently that in the past it was popular in manufacturing to use radioactive materials. According to this internet information, uranium was used often to color glass. Certain kinds of ceramics contain radioactive glazes and clocks often had radium dials. I knew about the clocks, but not the glass. And this particular glass piece does not have the highlighter green or yellow of the popular and very collectible “vaseline glass,” which would not shock anyone if you told them it was radioactive. However, I began to give this piece the suspicious eye. Occasionally, I’d think to myself that there was a certain green gleam about it that was unique. So, as I was getting a jeweler’s eye anyway, I got one that had the UV light, which in the dark will reveal a glass containing uranium for what it really is. And lo:

I’m not going to lie. The sight of this gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I hoped this feeling was not caused by any kind of particles emitted from said candy dish. And so, now I too may be in love with the glowing glass of a bygone era. One easily obtainable, if you are interested, from goodwill, thrift stores and ebay. Search uranium glass or vaseline glass and you will see the difference in color from this one to the more popular version. If I had a curio cabinet, I would already have more. However, for the time being I am just working on thinking of cool things to put inside of it to make it work as an existing decoration. As you can see, I’m ready for Halloween.


The Midnight Hypochondriac

There you are, alone, seated at your computer. You are starting to break a sweat as you are sucked into the black hole that is internet medicine. You started out at fatigue and you ended up at cancer. As I tell people all the time, I may not be an MD, but I am a WebMD. This quest has on occasion led to a relatively accurate self-diagnosis. More often than not, however, the “every symptom you have may be cancer” vortex sucks me down the rabbit hole. One click leads quickly, sometimes fatally, to another.


Today I have nothing funny to say. It has been a month of emotional torture to witness these crimes from the increasingly uneasy position of distant safety and to weep with incredibly painful realization of what real suffering lies there among the dead to follow the survivors until the end of their days. Ever since Aurora, we look at the exits in theaters pensively before the show and evaluate each fellow ticket holder with that same eye of suspicion. Anxiety looks at our neighbor and turns to us asking, “Is this person what they appear to be? Are we safe here?” It is a creeping and uncomfortable dread that keeps us up at night more and more. We are haunted.

Of Tornadoes and Tyrranosaurs

After all the local storms yesterday, I turned on the news this morning to see the reporter advising that the National Weather Service would be at the sight of the completely demolished trailer park to determine whether a tornado was responsible. I was relieved to know that they would be on the scene quickly to assess the situation and rule out an attack by a roving Tyrannosaurus.


A Party Like No Other

New Orleans is really a city that celebrates carnival season in unparalleled style with the amazing food, lavish floats, colorful throws, bands, marching groups, dancing girls and much more popular dancing men. This is a holiday where anyone can watch the parades from the streets. There are the most traditional parades with bands, floats and costumed riders that throw beads and other trinkets, contrasted with smaller scale marching groups of costumed revelers.

Most people celebrate in their at private parties or while camped for the day along the parade route. Another way to watch the parades is to get a ticket to a formal event of one of the super krewes, which would be Endymion or Orpheus, because for these krewes you do not need to be a member to attend the party. Some of the older ones were allegedly too racist to be allowed to continue to parade and many present organizations only include members in their balls. So, although you won’t be able to say you were at the most exclusive event of the century, I guarantee you that these are far more spectacular parties and parades.


This year I had the good fortune to attend the Orpheuscapade on Lundi Gras. Fortunately, on this day, which was also Chinese New Year, they had a dragon.


See video of the Leviathon here. It is truly spectacular.

The Leviathon

This is the most stunningly beautiful parade. The Leviathon, like the Smoking Mary is several floats combined into a massive one.  See video of the Smoking Mary below. It is also amazing and much bigger than Leviathon.

Smoking Mary Train Mega Float

Usually the parades have a theme each year, which in this case was on the scary-side. But I LIKE scary!!! A little voodoo never hurt anybody! Or did it?


One of the most exciting parts of the parade is to try to catch the most or the best possible things being thrown by the riders. Of course this can occasionally lead to the exchange dirty looks or elbowing… Generally, though it is all in good fun! I was lucky to catch this amazing hat that lights up, without having to cut anyone. It was the envy of many that night.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

I also caught a whistle, a recorder, a small witch-bear and plenty of beads. Before and after the parade comes through, there is also a concert usually featuring several bands.


So, if you aren’t exhausted from all the revelry, you can dance until the early hours. One day I intend to make it to Zulu and Endymion, but they are always off of my schedule for various reasons. Zulu particularly because of Orpheus the night before. Party on!

And here are some creepy things, which were following one float:

Creepy things video


Carnival Time

The thought occurred to me that only in New Orleans on a Friday morning would your boss e-mail all of his employees to say that later that evening he would be dressed in gold and a mask while parading the streets on horseback without fazing anyone.


The big questions on everyone’s mind are where they are getting their next king cake, what time the parades start and, in my case, “what to bring to the party?” We used to always have Popeyes chicken on parade days. Since I moved out of the parade areas into the suburbs I haven’t been going to as many as I used to. 😦 This is a time of year when if you aren’t friends with people living on the parade routes, you make friends with them.

Mardi Gras this year is timed to nearly collide with Chinese New Year. We will be celebrating right on the new year! Conveniently, I have a date with this dragon on Monday.